Bad Book Cover Fridays

BBCF Archive

Not just garden-variety bad – BBCF is dedicated to bringing you the absolute worst of the worst in book covers, with, of course, an emphasis on hand-picked offerings from the annals of fantasy and science fiction. Bring us your tacky, your tasteless, your blatantly sexist, your just plain “what were they thinking”‘s, and we’ll mock them accordingly and weekly. Special requests and recommendations are welcomed.

This feature is primarily updated by Emera.

Booklish: The Bibliophile’s Kitchen

Booklish Archive

Through biweekly installments, The Black Letters brings you thoughtful culinary creations inspired by a book or fictional character. The mission of Booklish is not only to incorporate vivid visual elements from the book or character, but also to embody the very essence of a book or character’s mood and experiences through a careful combination of tastes. Recipes are provided for each feature– and most importantly, don’t forget to try these yourself at home!

This feature is primarily updated by Kakaner.

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