Some little dry bodies

Another brief interruption for self-promotion:

I have two poems in the fall issue of the literary journal Boulevard. Again predictably, one is about ghosts, and the other is about rats, or a dream of rats.

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And my first short story, a fairy tale set in 19th-century Russia (issuing rather directly from Joseph Cornell), appeared in the November issue of Gavin Grant and Kelly Link’s zine:

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #35, available digitally and in print

Any eyeball-time that you can spare thereto is appreciated; you might also wish to check out my announcement of publications from 2015 and earlier here.

Happy holidays to all, and thanks to those who have stuck with this blog!

– E



We are alive! Just busy, no surprise. I’ve finished my degree; Kakaner is crushing her 3,906th career change and constructing a new library. (We’re talking custom-sized shelving for different book formats, guys.) I have piles of fragmentary reviews, and once every few months we exchange a volley of emails brainstorming a new Booklish, which eventually subsides into busyness. But the prior trickle of posts will resume shortly, at least.

In the meantime, if you have enjoyed my writing here, consider taking a look at some of my recent publications elsewhere:

Four poems @ The American Reader, online

Two poems in Tin House’s summer 2015 issue

Four poems @ Web Conjunctions

I’ve avoided self-promotion in this blog before, and it will remain rare, but given the unsurprising thematic overlaps between what I write about here and elsewhere (gods – animals – Alice in Wonderland – predatory clothing – etc.), I hope some of you might enjoy my other work. If you do take a look, thank you.

– E