We are alive! Just busy, no surprise. I’ve finished my degree; Kakaner is crushing her 3,906th career change and constructing a new library. (We’re talking custom-sized shelving for different book formats, guys.) I have piles of fragmentary reviews, and once every few months we exchange a volley of emails brainstorming a new Booklish, which eventually subsides into busyness. But the prior trickle of posts will resume shortly, at least.

In the meantime, if you have enjoyed my writing here, consider taking a look at some of my recent publications elsewhere:

Four poems @ The American Reader, online

Two poems in Tin House’s summer 2015 issue

Four poems @ Web Conjunctions

I’ve avoided self-promotion in this blog before, and it will remain rare, but given the unsurprising thematic overlaps between what I write about here and elsewhere (gods – animals – Alice in Wonderland – predatory clothing – etc.), I hope some of you might enjoy my other work. If you do take a look, thank you.

– E

4 thoughts on “Tip-tap”

  1. most heralded congratulations on your completed degree quest, Emera. may you wear it well, in that wardrobe of ideas, the outer winds of exchange…

    new shelves are proper breadcrumbs for the loaves to follow.

    sleep is the race you never finish,
    but rest we will in the waking world

    moss moss..

  2. we treasure map ourselves and thrill when another takes the timber to build the puzzle we only held in mind and thrall. you are a dreamweaver eluneth, blanket forting the four thrones into a realm of your own. may your boundaries know no bounds. you’ve helped me see past the thorn in paw, i know you’ll help others much the same :)

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