The Black Letters is a joint literary blog written by Kakaner and Emera, a pair of ravening bibliophiles. We try our hardest to look for Good Books, whatever genre they may be. We read fantasy, science fiction, classics, contemporary fiction, young adult and children’s books, mythology, fairy tales, horror, history, philosophy, creative nonfiction, comics/graphic novels, manga, and whatever else comes to hand. In the case of Emera, also throw in poetry and occasionally drama.

We love libraries, used bookstores, capacious bookshelves, luxurious trade paperbacks, small-press editions, signed editions, quality paper, colored ink, illustrations, complaining about out-of-print books, shopping for out-of-print books, and making lists of books.

We aim to publish reviews/reactions, analysis and commentary, photographs and “reviews” of book-related events and venues, links to interesting reading material, and other tidbits. We hope to publish reviews reflecting all of our reading material, though this may not always happen due to time constraints. We also watch a good amount of film (especially Kakaner), so we may also post occasional reviews of particularly noteworthy or relevant movies, but we’re keeping the focus on books.

When one of us reads a book and really likes it, it’s almost inevitable that the other will eventually read it, so many books may have double reviews. We hope that being able to see two points of view will provide additional interest, especially since we don’t always agree. (who does?)

You can read more about us in our individual profile pages: Emera | Kakaner


Feel free to contact us with thoughts or questions at: blackletters [at] theblackletters.net . We can also be individually reached via emera [at] or kakaner [at]. Thank you for visiting!

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The Black Letters was launched in July, 2009.

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