About Kakaner

I reside in Medellin and San Francisco. I love nerding about Maths, Scientific Coordination, and How to Learn.

I love books and everything about them. I love reading books, I love the authors, I love knowing the different characteristics of various publishing companies, I love browsing editions of beloved books, I love reading about books, I love talking about books, I love recommending books, I love borrowing, lending, and fondling books. I also have grand plans for a grand library.

My weaknesses are books with generally dark atmospheres, poignantly sad endings, the incredibly bizarre, good YA, short stories, fantasy that sweeps you off your feet, series with cult followings, and nonfiction that expands imagination. Also, you might find me drooling over matte finish trade paperbacks, first editions, or well-bound first printings.

Uri Bram and I made Lettercat! The letter game for letter people.