About Kakaner

I reside in Manhattan and studied Math, Computer Science, and Music.

I love books and everything about them. I love reading books, I love the authors, I love knowing the different characteristics of various publishing companies, I love browsing through editions of books, I love reading about books, I love talking about books, I love recommending books, I love borrowing, lending, purchasing, and owning books. I also have grand plans for a grand library.

My weaknesses are books with generally dark atmospheres, poignantly sad endings, the incredibly bizarre, good YA, short stories, fantasy that sweeps you off your feet, series with cult followings, and in particular, well-written urban fantasy. Also, you might find me drooling over matte finish trade paperbacks, first editions, or well-bound first printings.

Books are my first true love, but I also am a selective but prolific anime, film, and tv watcher. I am also obsessed with lists. Scroll down to check out some of my auxiliary pages to look for recommendations.


Attainables & Unattainables

Kakaner’s Top 25 Anime

Kakaner’s Top 10 TV

Kakaner’s Top 10 Cartoons

Kakaner’s comprehensive anime list

… more coming soon!