K. J. Bishop

K. J. Bishop is an Australian author and artist, currently living in Thailand. She began writing in reaction to working at a “fairly dull job,” and had written only three short stories before publishing her first novel, The Etched City, an erudite, surreal dark fantasy. The Etched City first appeared through small press, then attracted mainstream attention, garnering generous praise, comparisons to the work of China Miéville, and a number of awards. Bishop has since published a number of short stories, which, like The Etched City, are often dark and experimental and feature urban settings.

Her personal website, featuring blogging and visual art, is kjbishop.com. She is apparently working on two new books at the moment, “one set in the real world, one in the surreal,” as well as a collection of short fiction and poetry.

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Interviews: Strange Horizons (2004) | The Mumpsimus (2004) |  infinity plus (2004) | Q&A with Joseph Mallozzi (2009)

Last Updated:  June ‘11

Reviewed Works

The Etched City (2003) [K|E]
“The Heart of a Mouse” (2010) Subterranean Magazine [E]

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