Neil Gaiman

Well, uh, we will be the first to admit that this author page is pretty useless. You all know Neil Gaiman as the legendary Chuck Norris of literature– creator of Sandman, writer of children and adult fiction, and dabbler in all sorts of media. Gaiman has won countless awards, among which are the Newbery Medal, several Nebula and Hugo awards, and the World Fantasy Award. To top it all off, he has a British accent, perpetually perfect bed hair, and a pretty dreamy leather jacket.

Gaiman’s defining genre spectrum is everything that falls between urban fantasy and weird fantasy, and he is particularly noted for his references to Norse and Native American mythology. We believe that Gaiman’s works can pretty much always be counted upon for a good read, and his works typically appeal to a wide readership.

You can best get to know Gaiman through his website and blog and by attending one of his numerous author events.


Last Updated:  July ‘09

Reviewed Works
Violent Cases (1987) [K|E]
Black Orchid (1988) [K|E]
Sandman (1989 – 1996) [K|E]
Signal to Noise (1992) [K]
Death: The High Cost of Living (1994) [K|E]
The Last Temptation (1994) [K]
The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch (1994) [K|E]
Good Omens (1990) [K|E]
Neverwhere (1996) [K|E]
Death: The Time of Your Life (1997) [K|E]
Sandman: The Dream Hunters (1999) [K|E]
Stardust (1999) [K|E]
Smoke and Mirrors (2000) [K|E]
American Gods (2001) [K|E]
Coraline (2002) [K|E]
Murder Mysteries (2002) [K|E]
The Wolves in the Walls (2003) [K|E]
Marvel 1602 (2003) [K|E]
Endless Nights (2003) [K|E]
Anansi Boys (2005) [K|E]
Eternals (2006) [K]
Fragile Things (2007) [K]
M is for Magic (2007) [K]
InterWorld (2008) [K]
The Graveyard Book (2008) [K|E]
Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader (2009) [K]
Odd and the Frost Giants (2009) [E]

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