Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis is first and foremost a notorious comics figure known best for his sociocultural commentary in his works. His longest and best known publication, Transmetropolitan, is one of the best selling non-superhero comics to date. Other successes in the comics world include Planetary, The Authority, and Global Frequency. His works frequently feature cyberpunk themes such as human enhancement, nanotechnology, and urban dystopias.

In addition to his comics publications, Ellis is also noted for his online presence in several promotion forums, as well as his online webcomic FreakAngels. He has also dabbled in television and is expected to have a larger part in some upcoming series, and published a novel.

Website: http://warrenellis.com

Last Updated:  August ‘09

Reviewed Works

FreakAngels (2008-200*). Art by Paul Duffield, et al. [E]

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