“Her Mother’s Ghosts,” by Theodora Goss (2008) E

Date read: 11.6.09
Read from: Clarkesworld #23
Reviewer: Emera

Theodora Goss’ “Her Mother’s Ghosts,” recommended to me an age ago by Maureen, is a brief, achingly beautiful meditation on family and heritage. The language is simple, rhythmical, and carefully chosen, and the strength and purity of the emotion that it evokes hit me particularly hard since… okay, for personal reasons that I don’t feel like talking about in detail (massive backpedaling there). Suffice it to say that this was one of those stories that I had to read twice for it to really click, but when it did – ow. hurty (but in a good and thoughtful-making way).

I love the feel of the descriptions, too – they feel like late-afternoon sunlight on a chilly day, or one of the story’s faded watercolors.

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3 thoughts on ““Her Mother’s Ghosts,” by Theodora Goss (2008) E”

  1. I honestly think that may be the best one I’ve seen come out of Clarkesworld. I love that kind of beautifully written prose and the story packs a powerful punch (how that for alliteration?).

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