The faces of Endicott

Endicott Studio is an association of writers, artists, and performers dedicated to arts based in mythological and folkloric traditions. (Wikipedia tells me that it began as a warehouse-turned-salon-space in Boston; wish I had been around for it then.) I was aware of their work on the Journal of Mythic Arts, but wasn’t quite clear on who all comprised the studio. While I was looking for something else (that I’ve now forgotten, in the way of the Internet), I stumbled upon this nifty compilation celebrating 20 years of Endicott, featuring photos from 1987 and 2007 of many of the creatives behind Endicott: founder Terri Windling, Charles Vess, Neil Gaiman, Ellen Kushner,  Delia Sherman, the Frouds, Holly Black, Catherynne Valente, Theodora Goss, and a host of other Black Letters favorites.

A lot of the 1987 photos are downright adorable, it goes without saying. (prom! ’80’s hair! scrunchies and onesies!) Check them out here:

Twenty Years of Mythic Arts

P.S. Terri Windling keeps an Endicott Studio blog here, filled with art, music, history, and links galore, for those of a mythical inclination.


2 thoughts on “The faces of Endicott”

  1. Aw man, just when I thought I couldn’t crush any harder on Ellen Kushner! She totally rocked that New Romantic look.

    Neil Gaiman, of course, looks exactly the same!

  2. She totally rocked that New Romantic look
    I. KNOW.


    I read a sweet interview with Gaiman recently in which he commented that people have been remarking on his increasing resemblance to Morpheus, as his hair has been getting increasingly romantically shaggy since he wrote Sandman. :)

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