The worst sentence I have seen

– in recent memory, courtesy who else but H. P. Lovecraft:

“And yet, as I have said, vague new fears hovered menacingly over us; as if giant bat-winged gryphons looked on transcosmic gulfs.”

from “The Lurking Fear”


Don’t you just HATE it when those giant bat-winged gryphons look on your transcosmic gulfs?

(Also, the semi-colon is [sic]. Lovecraft abuses them as if he were being paid by the punctuation error rather than the word.)

I’m reading a fat paperback collection of Lovecraft right now, to get in the Halloween spirit, and thinking of making a drinking game. Drink for every “demoniac,” every “unutterable,” every “hideousness,” every “unutterable cacodaemoniacal hideousness”…

– E

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