China Miéville

China Miéville is an English writer of the fantastic best known for his involvement with the New Weird fiction movement and his Bas-Lag trilogy (named for the continent on which it occurs). The trilogy’s first book, Perdido Street Station, is his most celebrated and popular work, and introduces his signature dystopic steampunk-dark fantasy-noir-weird city, New Crobuzon.

Miéville’s books tend to be gritty and Byzantine, featuring generous helpings of his prodigious vocabulary and uncompromisingly Socialist sensibilities.

Miéville is also rather notorious among fans for being muscular and attractive, but we didn’t say that.

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Last updated: July ’09

Reviewed Works
King Rat (1998) [K|E]
Perdido Street Station (2000) [K|E]
The Scar (2002) [K]
Iron Council (2004) [K|E]
Looking for Jake (2005) [K|E]
Un Lun Dun (2007) [K|E]
The City & The City (2009) [K|E]

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