Garth Ennis (1970 – )

Garth Ennis is badass. Garth Ennis is an Irish author most well known for his epic 66-issue series, Preacher. Co-created with Steve Dillon, Preacher encompasses all the themes that pervade Ennis’ works– shockingly graphic violence, black humour, gritty backdrops, an overt presence of religion, male friendship, and apocalyptic stories. Other famous works include The Punisher and The Hitman, set in the Marvel and DC universes respectively. Ennis won the Eisner Award for Best Writer in 1998.

Last Updated:  July ’10

Reviewed Works
Just a Pilgrim: Garden of Eden (2001). Art by Carlos Ezquerra. [E]
The Boys (2006-200*). Art by Darick Robertson. [E]

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