Lawrence Gullo

Lawrence Gullo is a chronodysphoric dandy, puppeteer, and comic artist, among other things. His first webcomic is the gag- and relationship-driven My Life in Blue, which follows the lives of a promiscuous and often androgynous bunch of art students, glam rockers, and heiresses. His second, Baritarian Boy, centers on the history of his mythical Eastern European homeland, Baritaria. He is also currently running a weekly comic on his Livejournal, “Confirmed and Secret Bunburyist,” for which readers may vote on which notable 19th- or 20th-century personage (e.g. Aleister Crowley, Jack the Ripper) they wish to see next enter the plot.

My Life in Blue
Baritarian Boy

Last Updated: July ‘09

Reviewed Works
Vampire Deluxe! (2009) With David Ryder Prangley. [E]

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