Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card (b. Aug 24, 1951) is a prolific, award-winning author best known for his significant contributions to the science fiction genre, particularly the influential Ender series, which as of 2009 has made him the only author to win the Hugo and Nebula Awards in two consecutive years (for Ender’s Game, 1985, and Speaker for the Dead, 1986). Other popular works include the Tales of Alvin Maker and The Homecoming Saga series. His works tend to be psychological and character-driven, and run the gamut from speculations about human-alien interactions (Ender saga), to military-political thrillers (Shadows saga), to fairy tale retellings (Enchanted).

In later years, Card has become a highly controversial figure due to his conservative views, particularly with regard to homosexuality.

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Reviewed Works
Shadow Puppets (2002) [K|E]
Shadow of the Giant (2005) [K|E]
Ender in Exile (2008) [K]

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