Robin McKinley

Robin McKinley is an American fantasy and YA author currently living in England with her husband, the fantasy author Peter Dickinson. Her best-beloved works are her fairy-tale retellings, namely Beauty (her first novel, published when she was 26), Deerskin, Rose Daughter, and Spindle’s End; and her Damar books, The Blue Sword and The Hero and the Crown, desert fantasies that have respectively won the Newbery Honor and Newbery Medal.

Her books typically feature strong, active heroines and detailed worlds, and are often unusually gritty despite generally being marketed as YA fantasies.  Her urban fantasy novel Sunshine, starring a trepidatious baker and vampires, is one of Emera’s most frequently re-read books.

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Last Updated: July ‘09

Reviewed Works

Beauty (1976) [K|E]
Deerskin (1993) [K|E]
Chalice (2008) [E]

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