Ursula Vernon

Ursula Vernon is a freelance fantasy writer, artist, and illustrator with a large online following. She is known for her sense of humor, demonstrated both in her work and in her popular blog, and for her general strangeness – her artistic subjects include Viking hamsters, pink lizards stranded in landscapes of phallic rocks, sea monsters terrified of sock puppets, and shoes made of melons, among others less easily described.

Her work on the long-running, black-and-white webcomic Digger garnered her a 2006 Eisner Award nomination for Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition, and in 2007, she published a fantasy novel called Black Dogs in the small press. Her career took an unexpected and exciting turn in 2008 when she began publishing children’s books in the mainstream press, thus far including Nurk and the ongoing Dragonbreath series.

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Red Wombat Studio: Art Website
Livejournal: Bark Like a Fish, Damnit!
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Reviewed Works
Nurk (2008) [E]

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