What is bookstore piracy?

Being a pair of ravening bibliophiles comes at great monetary cost. When funds are short, or the commitment to buy a book is lacking, we find that in order to satisfy our hunger we look for excuses to go to the nearest bookstore and sit and read a book (or several) in its entirety.

Why don’t we go to the library? Well, we definitely frequent the library; however, nothing can compare to being in a store full of glossy, brand spanking new books lining every wall, or the wonderful smell of freshly minted books, or (usually) the freedom to choose which edition of a book suits your current reading needs. And there’s always the fact that bookstores simply have better comic and manga selections than your local public library.

It’s not all take! We have many many many times emptied our pockets to satisfy a book binge, and we believe we have established a rather… healthy relationship with these stores.

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