2009 World Fantasy Award nominees announced

Here they are!

As usual, I’ve read a depressingly minute fraction of the list, but it does include a good chunk of Black Letters favorites – notably, Caitlín Kiernan‘s The Red Tree (my review here), one of our favorite reads of 2009.

Congratulations to all the nominees!

– E


  1. Maureen E’s avatar

    Hmm. I have definitely read none of those. Maybe I should get on that! (But I’m on the verge of starting a Printz read-through project, and my room is incredibly full of books. My life is so difficult, right?)


  2. Emera’s avatar

    I always make marvelous resolutions to read through award shortlists, and somehow it never quite happens… yes, how many difficult compromises there are to be made! :P

    Do you mean Printz as in the YA award, or is there another reference I’m missing here? I’m intrigued!


  3. Maureen E’s avatar

    Yes, as in YA award. I tend to read more YA stuff than adult, so I figured it would be a worthy endeavor.


  4. Emera’s avatar

    I look forward to seeing the reviews!



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