Administrivia: new posts every Wednesday, hopefully

As I continue to convert my enormous backlog of drafts into actual posts, I’m going to try sticking to a schedule of one post every Wednesday – so consider checking in then, if you are a manual checker-of-blogs.

Wish me luck keeping the queue filled (especially as the school year arrives again – I’m teaching now), and thank you for sticking around if you have been!

– E

  1. kim’s avatar

    i look forward to your wondrous wednesdays!

    all the other days are surely spent with jealousy!!


      1. kim’s avatar

        let your feet lush in the sway

        and don’t mind your sky being in form and definition

        a cloud

        for when we pin point every else’s horizon

        grasses lapse against our just painted

        picket line fences

        the green threatening our store bought homestead grey go play and keep your weeks open..

        or at least those wondrous wednesdays!



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