“Advection,” by Genevieve Valentine (2009) E

Date read: 8.14.09
Read from: Clarkesworld Magazine
Reviewer: Emera

Genevieve Valentine’s “Advection” is a wistful, elegiac, soft science fiction story, set amid the elite children of an Earth that has lost its oceans and rain. Though light on character development, it’s full of runs of understated lyricism, and beautifully sustains a mood of distant yearning. I felt thoughtful and pleasantly melancholy after reading it, and one of its central images hasn’t left my mind since.

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2 thoughts on ““Advection,” by Genevieve Valentine (2009) E”

  1. I loved the image of the bird on the hood. I also browsed around a bit and really enjoyed “Her Mother’s Ghosts” by Theodora Goss (I don’t think it was in the same issue), although the framing technique was somewhat confusing.

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