BBCF: Moonsinger’s Friends

Not gonna lie, this one makes me smile at the same time that it makes me wince. Some things are so awesomely dated that you can’t help but love them.

Moonsinger's Friends - In Honor of Andre Norton, ed. Susan Schwartz

Rainbows. Stumpy-necked hippocampi. Mermaids riding stumpy-necked hippocampi while double rainbows explode from their backs. What could be better, or worse, or more likely to make you want to ingest something involving funfetti? Something to consider the next time you’re surveying (sadly rainbow-free) covers at the bookstore.

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3 thoughts on “BBCF: Moonsinger’s Friends”

  1. It is a mermaid riding on a merhorse. I literally cannot decide if that is beyond amazing, or so illogical that it’s painful. (How the bleeding heck does she hold on?)

  2. Wow. I have no words. But I will admit that this appeals to the part of me that wants to quit animation and paint romance novel covers for a living.

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