Egg Comic

“Here is Egg Comic in its entirety.”

Kakaner, someone made a comic for you! Z. Akhmetova’s Egg Comic is seven pages of woodsy textures and homey comforts, paired with thick unease and late-night misdeeds.

The big-eyed, big-nosed auntie character and the way that eeriness is played off of a warmly inhabited setting had me thinking of Miyazaki movies. Also, you will probably want an omelet after reading it.

– E


  1. kakaner’s avatar

    Holy kakamoley some of this stuff is fantastic. Like this teaser:


    The egg cooking method was fantastic. I just want to know more about the niece… is it too wishful to think that these creatures will pop up in other creations so that all these snapshot comics are tangentially related?


    1. Emera’s avatar

      That comic preview is actually by someone else, M. Dean – and I poked around and the full comic’s available to read now! Can’t wait to read it.

      Ah but it was so perfectly fragmentary! Poking around Akhmetova’s tumblr more, it does look like “House Comic” and “Egg Comic” are related – we may have to satisfy ourselves with that bit of continuity for now…



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