Filthy lucre

I’ve always been curious about the logistics of actually trying to make a living off of being an author (a sci-fi/fantasy author in particular, of course), so a couple of blog posts, both recent and older, have been particularly interesting and informative in this respect:

I hope these kind of link aggregations aren’t too overwhelming (or irritating); I like compiling them as much for my own reference as for the purposes of propagating interesting links.

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John Scalzi
Catherynne Valente

2 thoughts on “Filthy lucre”

  1. Thanks for this post! Of course you just wasted 1 hour of my time I should have spent writing, but the Hoyt post is downright fascinating and I like having these all in one place. Especially the stats about novel selling. Nowadays you only ever hear about the 6 figure advances because.. they’re the only ones worth talking about.

    You know, speaking of which, maybe someday we can ask isaac marion to describe how his warm bodies did… give all the languages as film rights???

  2. Yeah, I loved the Hoyt post – once you get over the depressing reality check, it’s so useful to know, very concretely, what to expect.

    That would definitely be something I’d be interested in hearing! It seems scarily easy for authors to get shafted when it comes to things like film and foreign-language rights. I know Caitlin Kiernan was forced to give up rights to foreign-language royalties on her novelization of the Beowulf movie – which subsequently became a strong seller in China. :/

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