Guess that children’s book!

One of my roommates and I work part-time for a children’s library, and one of the activities this past fall was teaching kids how to interpret stained-glass windows – so in between midterm cramming, we ended up painting eight huge faux-stained-glass windows of popular children’s (and a couple YA) books for the kids to guess. Anyone else like to have a go?

















(can you tell I painted the last one 15 minutes before the deadline? yeeeah.)

– E

8 thoughts on “Guess that children’s book!”

  1. Is it:
    1. The Very Hungry Catepillar
    7. The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
    8. Make Way for Ducklings

    I feel like #5 must be Wind in the Willows or something, but I’m not sure. #2 reminds me of Willy Wonka, but I am hesitant. Can’t think of the others…

  2. omg omg i love children’s books. :) When I volunteered at the library I used to sit in the children’s room and read Dr. Suess and Amelia Bedelia books b/c if you sit behind the shelf there the librarian can’t see you from the desk and therefore can’t tell that you’re not “shelf-reading” (also, I DID organize the books when I put them back…)
    okay okay
    I agree with shen on 1 and 2 and 5 and 7 :) (i guess I haven’t read 8)
    3. Harold and the Purple Crayon
    Is 4 phantom tollbooth? (I’ve only read parts of it though, so I’m not sure)


    Imma gunna have a go

    1 hunger cater
    2 choco facto
    3 purple crayon
    4 phantom
    5 redwall
    6 i was going to say lightning thief purely based on… the title
    7 lion witch?
    8 make way for ducklings

    howd i back?

  4. OH REDWALL. I remembered there was another book/series about mice & animals, but could not remember, having never read Redwall. :/

  5. Wow, just today I had an argument with my roommate that almost came to blows over who was the best childrens’ book writer, Dr. Sues or Eric Carle.

    Eric Carle ALL THE WAY.

    Also, the 1.very hunger catterpillar 5. Redwall and 7. The Lion the Wwitch and the Wardrobe were the only two I got.

  6. Ding ding ding ding! All books have been guessed correctly (Kakaner’s comment has them all correct and in one place, FYI) – high fives all around.

    The Lightning Thief was definitely the least-guessed by the kids, since most of them were much younger. A couple of older boys did get it, though. That and Harold are the only books out of these that I haven’t read.

    Just for fun – some of the other books considered for the project were The BFG and The Black Stallion.

  7. *high fives returned*

    This has definitely made me want to revisit the YA genre and catch up on the new classics. BFG. CUCUMBERS. JARS. DREAMS. oh god i would pay for that.

    I just realized.. that book stained glass windows would be PERFECT for my future library. Emera, I am commissioning you. Well, I mean, a little less wonky would be great hahahaha

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