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1299 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA (Inman Square)

Really nice space, complete with small couch-y area and prints etc. by local artists. Decent selection of sff, great selection of YA. I forgot to check out the poetry section, which gives me a good excuse to go back ASAP. In general, really carefully organized and curated. Since they have a lot of floor space, they don’t have the slightly frantic, overstuffed feeling that most used bookstores end up having.

Loved all the extra-pretty old books selected for display:

This edition of Pilgrim’s Progress – SIIIIIIGH.

Also, there’s a chicken machine!

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  1. kakaner’s avatar

    Yay I’m so happy you posted this!

    I bought a really old edition of dangerous visions and my signed LE Many Waters from here… and I admit their overall selection isn’t great but when you do get a hit it’s great!


  2. kim’s avatar

    what was in your egg? you must’ve gotten one!!


    1. Emera’s avatar

      I did not, which gives me another good excuse to go back!


    2. Betty’s avatar

      That store looks so nice!



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