is the euphemism that Kakaner and another friend helped me come up with for how I felt after I walked a fair distance under rather chilly conditions, only to find that the target of my latest and much-anticipated awesome-bookstore visit, Argosy Books (116 East 59th Street, New York, New York) was CLOSED.

Approaching the target (green banner spotted ahead):

And it is…

…CLOSED WHYYYYY. On top of having beautifully lit and presented displays out for me to stare at longingly through the bars, they even had a “New Year’s Sale!” prominently advertised. Well I can’t abuse my savings account on behalf of your sale if you’re CLOSED, can I?

So my visit to Argosy had to be put off to another time, but I did get to see some fun bookish things when my brother and I ducked into the New York Public Library to poke around.

The original inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Woods, currently housed in the children’s section:

How cute is Piglet? I should have taken a picture from behind to show Eeyore’s tacked-on tail, too.

I remember reading an article about A. A. Milne and the real Christopher Robin, in which it was mentioned that of the original toys, Roo had been forgotten and lost at some point in an orchard. I found this information rather traumatic.

About ten minutes to closing time, we also managed to stumble into a special exhibit celebrating the 250th anniversary of Voltaire’s Candide. I like Rousseau more than Voltaire, but I’m still fangirl enough to have ooh’d and ahh’d over a briefcase that belonged to the latter:

“Portefeuille de Monsieur de Voltaire”!

(Of course it would be a totally pimped out briefcase. In his defense, it was a gift to him from someone else.)

– E

6 thoughts on “Roosterguarded”

  1. Aha! I got the euphemism. :)

    One of my few regrets from my time abroad is that I somehow MISSED seeing the original illustrations for Pooh even though I visited Trinity College Library in Cambridge and everyone else in my group saw them. Pah. Or maybe Pooh.

    I think Tigger is pretty cute too. But as a fellow Very Small Animal, I can’t help loving Piglet.

  2. Bummer! I always manage to get myself into situations like that too. (but if you were in Trinity College Library, I’m going to assume you were probably looking at something else also worth looking at.)

    Agreed on Tigger – he’s so pensive!

  3. Ooh, I had that happen to me with a knitting shop. Heartbreak!

    I’m jealous that you got to see the New York Public Library, I’ve always wanted to visit it! Unfortunately my only trip to New York was cut short and I didn’t get a chance. Someday though I’ll manage it!

  4. The silly thing is that I live in the northeast and go to New York a fair bit, but have only been to the Public Library twice. Clearly this must be rectified in the future.

    I hope you get another visit to NYC soon! There’s so much to see there that it can’t humanly be fit all into one visit…

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