Additions to the horde

Since gifts inevitably and wonderfully mean new books. (Also, when it comes to books, I feel like there’s not that much of a difference between a horde and a hoard.)

Two pocket-sized, appropriately wintry, deliciously fully-cloth-bound-with-color-plate volumes of adorable. (Am I gushing too obviously? They really are that adorable, though.)

Neil Gaiman‘s Odd and the Frost Giants – didn’t even know it had finally been issued in a hardback edition! I spotted these for 50% off at Barnes and Nobles when snooping around with Kakaner and a couple of other friends, and predictably, both Kakaner and I ended up snagging copies.

Philip Pullman’s Once Upon a Time in the North – I love these little additions to the His Dark Materials universe. The actual story included in the last volume, Lyra’s Oxford, wasn’t too impressive (though it did hint at some awfully interesting sequel possibilities), but the presentation is impossible to resist – cloth binding, woodcut illustrations, fold-out maps and inserted postcards full of sneaky references for the HDM-obsessed… Books with personality and foldy-slidey bits, yes please.

I’ve been wanting to read the original Books of Magic for ages, having only sampled one or two later issues from the series, by way of The Books of Faerie. But just from that, I really like what I’ve seen so far of Timothy Hunter’s personality. Bespectacled teen Brit wizard who is angry and confused without being annoying about it, what.

Aaand, Kage Baker’s The Women of Nell Gwynne’s. James-Bondian steampunk mystery romp ahoy – I can’t wait to melt my brain with this.

Also, did I mention that Kakaner got me a signed, limited hardcover of FreakAngels volume 3? I am not worthy.

– E

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Neil Gaiman
FreakAngels (2008-200*). Art by Paul Duffield, et al. [E]

5 thoughts on “Additions to the horde”

  1. I also thought Lyra’s Oxford was pretty but just ok storywise. However, i LOVED Once Upon a Time in the North. I cried! great addition to the main story.

  2. Hi Melanie! Thanks for commenting. Oh boy… I’ve definitely seen other fans saying that they cried after reading Once Upon a Time, which means I’ll probably end up crying as well, and then spend the rest of the week rolling around in embarrassingly enjoyable angst. ahem. Good to hear that this one is worth the read!

    Lyra’s Oxford seemed more like a thought, or a strange little half-episode, than a self-contained story. I hope it does become the prologue to a larger narrative. Also, I wonder if there’ll be any stories following Will, or if the mini-sequels will all be in Lyra’s world…

  3. I read the three books of THe Dark Material, it was sad that they couldn’t be together in the end.
    I wonder will they filmed the second book and third book ..

  4. Hey kanachidori! Thanks for your comments.

    Yeah, the ending of The Amber Spyglass is pret-ty darn sad. I remember crying what seemed like every other chapter through the entire book, but the last ten or so pages were the worst.

    Unfortunately, since the first movie didn’t do very well either critically or financially, most people assume it’ll be a while until they attempt to film the rest of the trilogy, especially given that the last two books get even more complicated, conceptually and plotwise.

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