BBCF: MF&SF, June 1983

What’s that, you say? It’s Friday? Indeed it is, and for once I have something to show for it. Although it’s only sorta a Bad Book Cover Friday, as this June 1983 Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction cover isn’t astoundingly bad.

I mean, it’s bad, but it’s bad simply in that there’s nothing good about it. The mediocrity/absurdity/ignorance of color theory and anything else that would contribute to an aesthetic and/or compelling cover are so generally apparent that I have nothing specific to say about them.

The contents of the magazine’s advertisements, on the other hand…

Well, some are just charmingly dated:

I want $1 Gene's Jeans!


Ho. lee. shit.

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  1. Have added you assuming the end of your address was ( to readers of my other blog. Just going to look around here now! All the best



    Way to dispell the myth that sci-fi and fantasy readers are all misogynist loser creeps living in their mother’s basements.

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