Booklish #7: Through the Woods Tart

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Emera first shared Emily Carroll’s horror webcomic “His Face All Red” with me several years ago. It’s an unsettling, inconclusive tale of two brothers who set out to kill a wolf that has been terrorizing their village, but nothing is what it seems. The story is a swirl of fearful trips to the forest, sloshing cheers in taverns, village gossip, paranoid insomnia, feral intentions, and inexplicably spilt blood. I wanted to create a confection that would evoke the comic’s vivid color palette and capture the flavors of bravado, fear, and death.

The surface cracks unexpectedly— a hard shell of tempered chocolate conceals the interior instead of the usual soft chocolate ganache filling. Inside is a well of color and flavor, a slightly bitter and acidic mixed berry compote, cloying in its thickness but not sweetness.

The mixture is chewy, with caramelized ginger and boiled citrus zest. The deep blue-red of the filling, the dark brown of chocolate, the brittle crust studded with pecans, all evoke the imagery of the forest and the evil secret buried beneath its floor.

View Recipe: Through the Woods Tart

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