4 thoughts on “For all your emergency pedestrian reading needs”

  1. Yay, Little Free Libraries! They’ve caused some discussion in Libraryland (too many people already associate libraries with free, eg). I do like them, though, and I’m glad they’re spreading.

    1. Intriguing! I saw this simply as a “let’s share [knowledge/excitement/refreshment/unreadable political texts] within our community!” thing, but I can see how it could also build up confusing connotations around “library.”

      1. I think that’s a very valid way to look at them. It’s unfortunate that they’ve been caught up in an ongoing discussion/debate about how to educate patrons and non-patrons (ie, people who don’t use the library) about the ways public libraries are funded. The actual LFL movement is great. And actually, one of the libraries I work at has been the big force in adding them to the local community, so it really depends on the particular library system and attitude, I suspect.

        1. “so it really depends on the particular library system and attitude”
          That’s reassuring to hear; I hope they become less contentious as the dialogue is worked out. Thanks for the insider perspective, Maureen!

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