Tell us a little bit about yourself…

In an attempt to get to know our readership better, we’d like to hear from you guys!

So if you see this post or follow this blog, please comment and respond to the following:

1) Where do you live?

2) What’s your favorite genre?

3) What one book do you think WE should read?

Thanks for reading! We’re really looking forward to see what you guys say!

15 thoughts on “Tell us a little bit about yourself…”

  1. :P First comment? <–(I totally didn’t want to but what else was I supposed to do?)

    1. MA or OH, depending on how you figure. I prefer to say I live in MA, because it’s cooler. :D

    2. Fantasy, hands down. (Sci fi is OK, historical will depend on time period, and I’ve always had a thing for mystery, but fantasy will always be my favourite.)

    3. I think this answer is an exercise in futility, because any book I recommend is sure to have been read by your esteemed selves already. The usual books I tell people they absolutely must read are: Ender’s Game & Enchantment, by Orson Scott Card, & Stardust by Neil Gaiman. All three of which I know you both have read.

  2. Haha yes you are the first! I actually haven’t read enchantment yet– it is still sitting on my shelf, lent to me by a friend. But yes, fantasy is always a good genre =D Thanks for the comment!

  3. Yes, to my great shame, I haven’t read anything of OSC’s but the Ender & Bean books. I’ve heard his short stories are marvelous, though.

  4. 1. Florida, sometimes(most of the time) Georgia.

    2. Fantasy for sure, more so when it has science fiction “magitek” elements. Every once in a blue moon I’ll pick up a book I haven’t read from the bookstore “summer reading” rack for kicks ( Life of Pi, being the one I’ve enjoyed the most).
    Also comic books. Specificaly of the Flight anthology “spin-off” type. Occasionally I’ll indulge in various manga or mainstream comics.

    3. The Neverending Story ( an oddly wonderful book, more so if the movie is remembered fondly). I’m going to cheat and list a few graphic novels Doug TeNapel’s creature Tech, and all of the Flight anolthogy volumes.

  5. Hello Anda! Thanks so much for introducing yourself!

    I’ve read Life of Pi, Flight (first 5 volumes so far), and Neverending Story. In fact, all three of these are part of my massive hoard of written-but-not-polished reviews from the past 4 years so they should be coming up!

    I, however, have not heard of Doug TeNapel’s… I’m excited!

  6. 1. Massachusetts or Texas.

    2. Most speculative fiction, though I have a soft spot for dystopian sci-fi and superhero fiction. What a nerd. I also have a love/fear relationship with Russian literature.

    3. I can’t recommend anything, as you have read everything I have read. I can only say this: Emera, buck up and read Watchmen already. For reals.

  7. Hi Javi,

    I would like to redirect you to our top books list (found under the Lists section in our navbar). As you can see… Watchmen is there! Emera finally read it last week =D

    Thanks for the comment! I like your taste in fiction

  8. Hey, I read Watchmen two weeks ago – Kakaner can attest to this. Review forthcoming, I swear. What can I say; I move at my own (snail-like and elliptical) pace.

    Anda: hello and welcome! I unfortunately read The Neverending Story when I was much older, so it didn’t make as big of an impression on me as it could have. I loved a lot of the concepts and images, though. And I do love Life of Pi and Flight! And “Creature Tech” sounds amazing – thanks for the recommendation.

  9. 1. West coast, near the border.
    2. Speculative/fantastic fiction (which encompasses SF and fantasy!).
    3. One book, eh? City of Saints and Madmen by Jeff VanderMeer. (It’s reviewed on my site too.) It’s a fine specimen of contemporary speculative fiction.

  10. hi! :)

    1 – i live on maui… err i don’t read much ><

    3 – …… my favorite stephen king novel ever was Eye of the Dragon. it was my first of his in 6th grade so i’m sure that’s why I liked it so much. I thought it was so so awesome. I should probably read it again now to have a fresher perspective; I bet it’s something you haven’t read yet :P lol, maybe there’s a good reason for that. but i can’t think of anything else =/ i wish i read more. v___v The other book I remember from when I was young that i loved was Fire Bringer! :D

  11. Welcome Vega and Axoloti!

    Vega: i will definitely check out that book… I have yet to read Jeff VanderMeer.

    Axoloti: Nope I haven’t read Eye of the Dragon! I’ve only read Stephen King spottily…

  12. Vega – I’ve had City of Saints & Madmen on my to-read list ever since I first saw it in a bookstore three years ago! Clearly it’s high time I tackled it, especially since he’s such an influential figure in current weird fiction.

    axoloti – Weird, I’d had no idea that King had written a traditional sword-‘n’-sorcery fantasy! You definitely got me there with an unread book. :) Fire Bringer – Do you mean the single novel Fire Bringer, or the Firebringer trilogy (Meredith Ann Pierce)? I’ve read both, and loved both. If you haven’t read the Firebringer trilogy, you should! There are a lot of odd (and I’m fairly certain unintentional) parallels between the two, which I found amusing.

  13. Haha, I actually don’t know why I mentioned Fire Bringer but it just popped into my head. I meant the juvenile novel by david clement-davies… guess I probably picked up and put down less than ten books in the last ten years. =(

    But I will look into the trilogy :) you are such a book expert! lol

  14. 1)chattanooga

    2)fantasy (nothing’s alien, just hidden away behind fear & wonder)

    3)chicken hare: the house of klaus by chris grine (good art is a great read & vice versa)

  15. Kim, your answer to #2 reminded me of a quote that I saw recently about fantasy being most essentially distinct from sci-fi in that it has mystery at its heart. :)

    Also, Chicken Hare looks adorable.

    Also also, have you read The Mouse Guard graphic novel series? It seems like something that would be right up your alley.

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