Booklish #6: Cimorene’s Enchanted Earth Shortbread Cookies

Patricia Wrede Enchanted Forest Chronicles Cimorene Enchanted Earth Shortbread Cookies

View Recipe: Cimorene’s Enchanted Earth Shortbread Cookies

I’ve been mulling the flavor profile of one of my most beloved fantasy heroines– Cimorene, the princess from Patricia Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles— for quite some time. I wanted to capture the essence of Cimorene traipsing through forests, starting and stumbling upon gritty and fantastical adventures, and all with plenty of spunk and temper to spare!

I went with a shortbread, a cookie not too sweet, hard and sometimes brittle to hold, but one that immediately melts in your mouth. But of course, it wouldn’t be a proper homage to Cimorene if it were so predictable– raisins, pecans, and a dash of black pepper give some chew and punch. The cream in the ganache is steeped in ginger for hours for a prickly spicy chocolate covering.

Enjoy with Grand Crimson tea! Perhaps you’ll marathon the chronicles from the beginning or maybe pick up with Talking to Dragons and follow Daystar out into the Enchanted Forest.

– K

Many thanks to Sithel for helping experiment and construct the recipe!

2 thoughts on “Booklish #6: Cimorene’s Enchanted Earth Shortbread Cookies”

  1. Many things:
    – NEW BOOKLISH !!! !!!
    – I love that you experimented with multiple shapes. They’re both so appealing, especially side-by-side.
    – The ganache is out of this world. J. and I were both close to moaning over it. I would never have thought of infusing the cream with spices.
    – I love that the shortbread is really close to being savory. It’s so Cimorene – tart and sophisticated and earthy.
    – Also, has Sithel also read the Enchanted Forest Chronicles? Please say yes.

    1. NEW BOOKLISH?!?!!?!?!?!
      I’m actually super surprised you could take it in the ganache! I’m really excited it came through and it lived in the mail.

      Of course she has! So have many people in my life :D

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